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It is not always the case that a buyer can pay the full amount (100%) of the total contract price. Many times, an equity or down payment is paid and the rest of the balance may be loaned through bank financing.

Good thing that we are accredited to Security Bank’s Home Loan program and we can assist you for the bank financing aspect. We can serve as a one-stop-shop for your property and bank financing needs. After you have chosen a specific residential project or unit, we will guide and assist you on the bank financing part and that would mean less hassle for you.

Security Bank is one of the leading banks in the country that offers the lowest interest rates in the market for its home loan. Not only does it have the lowest rates in the market, it also has new features and advantages that will be discussed later. For now, you may take a look at the low interest rates below for Security Bank’s Home Loan:

Security Bank Home Loan Rates


Promo for May – August 2015

Security Bank Home Loan Promo

Loan Term Options:

  • House and Lot: 1 to 25 years
  • Townhouse or Duplex: 1 to 20 years
  • Residential Vacant Lot, Condominium Unit: 1 to 15 years

Mode of Payment:

  • Auto-debit arrangement for client’s convenience.

Loan Payment Options:

  • Regular monthly amortization, fixed payment of principal and interest.
  • Fantastic Elastic: customer can make overpayments and underpayments on his loan.

Fantastic Elastic Features:

  • Loan with option to overpay and underpay versus monthly amortization
  • Best for customers with fluctuating income
  • In months with more income, customer can overpay a portion of the loan. On succeeding months, if customer has more urgent expenses to spend on, he/she can pay less (ONLY if with previous overpayments).

Eligible Borrowers (individual):


  • Filipino citizens
  • Foreigners – limited to purchase of condominium unit only, provided, with qualified Filipino citizen co-borrower.
  • Foreigners who are residents of the Philippines, & are married to Filipino citizens, to be a co-borrower for purchases of real estate other than condominium units.


  • Minimum of 21 years old at the time of loan application; maximum of 65 years old upon loan maturity.

Income Capacity

  • Minimum joint monthly gross income: P50,000 (individual or self-employed)

Employment Status

  • Must be regularly employed at the time of application
  • For business owners/self-employed borrowers, the business entity must be operating legitimately for the last 3 years.


For inquiries or assistance, please contact Chris at 0927.85.333.20.