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HomeAssist.ph aims to provide you with all the important details than can aid you in your homebuying decision.

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Our mission

We aim to make your homebuying experience as easy, convenient, and worry-free as possible that will last until you have moved in to your ideal home.

Save time, money, and effort

We will be putting in more content for the properties that you are interested in to help you in your homebuying decision without travelling to each and every property available in your target vicinity. We can also advise you on the right property that best fit your requirements.

Consistent after-sales service

We don't just assist you when you reserve a property, we will still be there with you to assist you in all the stages of the real estate trasaction until the property is turned over to you.

Home loan assistance

Thinking of how to finance the big chunk of the price? Don't worry, we will be providing you options on the best financing available that will suit you and the property whether bank, in-house, or PAGIBIG financing.

Home loan qualifying

If you're not sure whether you can qualify for a home loan or not, talk and connect with us so we can consult with you for free your chances of getting a home loan.

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